Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day One Hundred Fourteen-And More

(June 12th 2011)

Day Fifteen

Day Fifteen is a simple picture of a road. Many people see a face out of the street stains, haha. But the reason I took this photo is to try and get that Dragonfly! It is there, but it seems that no one commented on it.
Day Fifteen winner must be... Christophe

-now moving on to...

Day One Hundred Fifteen
(June 13th 2011)

I feel like this one has been posted already...But then I don't think it has...

Day Sixteen

Day Sixteen Is a dark, night photo. I had gone fishing and we made a little fire out of  rocks and twigs around. It was nice because it was so cold. By brother had fallen in the water too, so he was freezing more than anyone.
In the comments, I liked what Christophe said. But D4's Comment made me laugh.
The winner of Day Sixteen is D4!

-and more...

Day One Hundred Sixteen
(June 14th 2011)

Day Seventeen

Day Seventeen Is a bathroom Photo, ha. And a turkey drawn on the mirror. I think its funny.
In the comments, Silent Crawler was just simply right. So he wins. Everyone guessed it was a duck. It does look like a duck now that I am looking at it.

(Sorry to everyone for not keeping up with my blogs.. I will be trying to catch up from now on.)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Day One Hundred Thirteen

June 11th 2011

Day Fourteen

Day Fourteen Is an edited photo, I messed with the contrast and color. It is of my quartz crystal, a big chunk of quartz. I like it alot. I had a lazer pointer and shined it through the quartz, and thats kind of what it looked like.
In the comments, I like what Christophe said. Making Christophe Day fourteens winner!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Day One Hundred Twelve

June 10th 2011

Day Thirteen

Day Thirteen A black and white photo taken of, yes, some candle holders. metaphysicalfarms asked if they were from Target, and I honestly would not know, but I would not doubt it. I know that the wall reflects quite a bit of light, but hey, maybe that is what I was going for! You don't know that I didn't achieve my goal, and I don't know either if that is what I was going for or not. Anyway. To declare a winner... I think I would go with Christophe because I appreciate the attempt at some sort of story for the photo.
Christophe is Day Thirteen's Winner!