Friday, June 17, 2011

Day One Hundred Thirteen

June 11th 2011

Day Fourteen

Day Fourteen Is an edited photo, I messed with the contrast and color. It is of my quartz crystal, a big chunk of quartz. I like it alot. I had a lazer pointer and shined it through the quartz, and thats kind of what it looked like.
In the comments, I like what Christophe said. Making Christophe Day fourteens winner!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Day One Hundred Twelve

June 10th 2011

Day Thirteen

Day Thirteen A black and white photo taken of, yes, some candle holders. metaphysicalfarms asked if they were from Target, and I honestly would not know, but I would not doubt it. I know that the wall reflects quite a bit of light, but hey, maybe that is what I was going for! You don't know that I didn't achieve my goal, and I don't know either if that is what I was going for or not. Anyway. To declare a winner... I think I would go with Christophe because I appreciate the attempt at some sort of story for the photo.
Christophe is Day Thirteen's Winner!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day One Hundred Eleven

June 9th 2011

Day Twelve

Day Twelve is in all honesty not all that interesting. I know. A patch of dead grass off the side of the side walk. Whoo-hoo. But what I was attempting to do was to catch a dragonfly with my camera. They fly so fast though, and are tiny on camera. I am not sure, but I think I caught it somewhere in there, it is just very hard to see or find. When I took alot of these photos, it happened to be dragonfly season, so to give you a hint at another one of my photos coming up in just a few days, I was again trying to catch a dragonfly. And I did actually. If anyone can spot the Dragonfly in one of my upcoming old photos, That person shall win for that day! First one to spot it wins.
In Day Twelves comments, everyone commented on how depressing my photos and life must be. Haha, and that makes me laugh. Thanks guys. As for the Winning Comment, I must say that my world is a little bit like what SKS FKF said, and since it stands out to me the most that is the Winner of Day Twelve!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day One Hundred Ten

June 8th 2011

Day Eleven

Day Eleven, I took a few years back. I sat in my room looking out the window at the nearby street sign, the lights blurred. I use to really enjoy looking out that window at night, especially when it rained. Then we up and left. In the comments, Shelby Fox said something kinda true. It sounds close enough to what I do that she had to be Day Eleven's Winner!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day One Hundred Nine

June 7th 2011

Day Ten

Day Ten is a photo of a big pile of rocks and ruble in an Atlas Disposal dumpster that had been sitting in that spot since the first day I moved near by. It just sat there, and I think it may still be there, for more than a year now. Atlas must be one lazy company if it is there. If you look at it close up, the container actually has big rip like holes in the metal too.
In the comments, I have to say that metaphysicalfarms has to be the closest to the best answer if you ask me. Those rocks must be so old. metaphysicalfarms Wins Day Ten!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Day One Hundred Eight

June 6th 2011

Day Nine

Day Nine (The Day, <-- Is a link to the actual post of that day. You can go there to view the comments)
Day Nine's photo is a kind of neat one I think. It looks a bit strange, it really it isn't. It is a very melted candle on top of its candle holder. I am not even sure how the candle melted that way. But I took the photo in the dark and with the flash.
My favorite comment on Day Nine was Zak's. Very nice idea there, Zak. Zak doesn't have a blogger. Adventure Person did guess the picture right though! Adventure person Wins Day Nine!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day One Hundred Seven

June 5th 2011

Day Eight

Day Eight is a black, metal hook like end of a pole. It was the poll that we hung the curtain on, I don't know if those have a real name... Anyway this is the end part on the poll. I was thinking of ways that I might be able to take interesting pictures and use the shadows, and so I was playing around.
The person who was closest to being correct was Zak, but my favorite answer that I saw was submitted my...
Dj DeKu!
It was very creative and fun to think about. So, Dj DeKu is the winner!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day One Hundred Six

June 4th 2011

Day Seven

Day Seven is probably one of my favorite that I have posted. And I really like the ideas that all of my followers came up with. So, you all want to know what it is?
It started out as a Root beer float from a KFC, and what happened is we wanted to drink it fast and re-fill it up before we left. So, we re-filled it with orange soda and vial-la! A disgusting, bubbly mix of Root Beer float and orange soda. It wasn't very good.
Anyway, I took the picture from inside the cup.
Also, D4 is correct, If there is not clear winner then I should not declare a winner. It doesn't make sense really. So, to days winner must be...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Day One Hundred Five

June 3rd 2011

Thanks for your patience everyone, I have been posting late the past few days. like I mentioned before, I am a bit busy and May have new topics that require attention outside of my blogging. But I am and will do my best to keep everything together and I am here you you all!
Thanks for the support and the following, I appreciate it all.
(For those who are curious as to what has been going on with myself, I just recently Graduated high school and have to find my "calling" sort of. Get a job and help out where I am more.)

Day Six

Day Six is a photo of some birds on top of a blank sign, They were cooing and trying to hide form me I think. They shocked me at first because they sounded so strange and then I went to take a shot of them and they decided to fly back and forth from one sign to another. Eventually I got this photo and gave up on trying to photograph them. In Day Six comments, so many of you said nice things about my photo.
To SUN, At the time I took that photo I think I was using a Cannon 12.5 mega pixels. I recently got a new camera, and this new camera is a Nikon 12 Mega pixels. If you want to know more about my camera, let me know. I will be happy to tell you more.
The Polish Prince asked about my photos also. So answer your question, Yes. All of these photos are taken by myself and no one else.
And A thank you to everyone else who said nice things.
I can't really say that there is a winner today, so Everyone is a winner!
Dj KeDu,  Melanie (I can not link to),  Christophe,  and Classic George. Thank you!

Day One Hundred Four

June 2nd 2011

(Another late post)

 Day Five is a photo of some birdcages and behind those, two speed limit signs. Taken at a Farmers Market, behind all of these birdcages is a a guy who sells animals. Mostly birds..and some mice and hamsters I think. The winner of Day Five is...
Classic George! I also really liked what -M had to say about Day Five, but I had to go with George because they pointed out something that I don't even think I noticed about the picture. I didn't notice the added "1" onto the 30 Speed Limit Sign. And I do not know anywhere that the speed limit is 130.

Day One Hundred Three

June 1st 2011

(Late post)

Day Four picture. This is just some hallway that I had to walk down to get to some kind of seminar thing where they try to get you to sell things for them. I was like weight loss miracle products where if you got 10 people to buy things and got those ten people to sell things to ten more people you would be making a fortune or something stupid like that. I knew it was going to be lame and a scam.
Anyway, it looks like I can't say for sure who possibly won on Day Four. The comments aren't all that specific, but Zak doesn't have blogspot and Classic George has already won twice so far, so I shall give this Win to Adventure Person!

Day One Hundred Two

May 31st 2011

(Late post)

Day Three

Day Three. This is a photo of the day we moved into our last apartment. That is actually my bed over there. We were in the middle of moving in our things and I got tired and decided to lay on the couch and mess with my camera. So yep, Nick! That is where I am sleeping-or did before we moved again and left the mattress behind. Nick is Day Three's Winner!