Friday, March 11, 2011

Day Twenty-Two

March 11th 2011

This is a special post today. For those who haven't heard, Japan has just been hit by a Huge Earthquake. And the Earthquake has created a Tsunami that has already killed hundreds of people. It is so strong that there are  Tsunami warnings for Southern California.
But, because of the date (3/11/11) I'm pretty sure people are assuming signs of 2012 and the world ending.
Either way, I send my hopes and care to those effected by the happenings of today. Please, keep safe.

I know it isn't really a photo, but its a snip-it and it is relative to today, and fairly funny.
(but I'm not laughing At it...)


Christophe said...


Today is a sad day.

ankmanpro said...

God bless...

The Moustache Man said...

yeah holy crap :C japans the best

MacAttack said...

I don't believe in doomsdays. What a load of shite. Great post though, so upsetting.