Friday, April 8, 2011

Hey Everyone.

Well, today I don't think I am doing so good...
But I have an idea for the blog.
On day 1Hundred, maybe, I will start posting the picture each day (Just like I do Now) But along with it, I will Be going back and Revealing to you all what it truly is that I took a picture of in the past posts.
So, on day One Hundred, I will Post Day One Hundreds Photo and Explain what Day One's Photo is or what it is about. Don't forget to go and check out todays post, Day Forty-Nine. (Also..I just realized I have been spelling "Forty" Wrong. Sorry about that.)
Do you like the idea?

Thank you so much for the support. It is great.
But like I mention, I am not feeling too great.
See, I get bad headaches and I have no explanation for why I get them.
Medicine does not help and I get them almost Daily...
I am not looking for sympathy, I am looking for anyone with an Idea of why I get them.
Please. If you know anything about headaches or Migraines, Please read my Post. This Post

I very much hope someone out there can help me.


D4 said...

I like the idea, I'll be looking forward to after day 100.

As for the migraines, no clue, I'm sorry. I did read the post and anyone I come to contact with that might know, I'll ask. If I find anything worth while I'll let you know.

Electric Addict said...

cool idea, looking forward to seeing it in action

Melanie said...

First, great idea for the blog. Second, as a headache sufferer...get thee to the doctor. They can get to the root of the problem and give you the correct medication to solve the problem. Trust me, I have been living in a headache haze since November.