Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Hey everyone.
This is a post to explain the idea of this blog, for those who are not sure or new comers.
Every day, I post a new photo(Obviously).
The photo that I post is not ment to be a "Good" or "Professional" Photo, as some have noticed.
These photos are most of my sort of bad photos, they are my left over, otherwise thrown out photos.
They are my random, clutter of Misc. photos.
They are ment to be blurry.
They are ment to be out of focus.
It is supose to be a guessing game of sorts.
I do not write a caption or comment explaining the photo because that is what you are here for!
My Followers can guess at what the heck it is, give the photo a caption or funny quote.
It is a blog that we are all a part of, we work together.

And then, On day 100, I will post the day's Photo and then begin going back to Day One's photo and explain to you all what it is, was ment to be, or tell you about when I took the picture.
Then I will continue, on Day 101 I will post the day's photo and then tell you about day two's picture.

So, as you can see, we are all playing a game here.
Please work with me and understand that if you want "Great Photography" You can go to many other blogs for that. Or even check out my blog, Days Between Then And Then.

Thanks everyone for reading!
Comment if you have anything to ask or add!


Kingmush said...

Hm.. Interesting idea actually. Look forward to your pictures and then your interpretations of them!

D4 said...

yoouuu should totally make this a nice clickable page at the top or something :)

Zombie said...

A nice new twist on the blog! I like it! :D

A Hermit said...

I see, that's a good idea

consuela bananahammoc said...

Pretty good idea..