Friday, May 6, 2011

Day Seventy-Seven

May 6th 2011

Yes, it is blurry.

Also, for those who have noticed the Title of the days this last week, I was waiting for someone to notice that I accidentally lost track at day Sixty-Nine. I didn't notice until Day "Eighty-two" that I had skipped Day Seventy altogether. So I just played around and waited until someone caught my mistake or at least pointed it out.
But I needed to reorder the days, I don't care for mess and unorganizedness.
Tomorrow I will rename the days I mixed up and we will all be back on track again. If I am correct, I think we will be on or around Day Seventy-Seven.
Sorry guys, we have another 3 weeks before Day One Hundred.



D4 said...

Oh. Well that's interesting.

And the picture looks like a painting.

Melanie said...

I noticed something was amiss, but my brain has not been functioning properly enough for me to figure out exactly what was amiss...and now I feel like I have the spins...=)

Zombie said...

Didnt even notice it till now. lol.