Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day Eighty-Eight

May 17th 2011

Camera Phone photo.

We are getting close to day One Hundred guys and girls!
As we get closer, the fewer days you have to guess what things are, such as, Day One. What is it? What is going on here? *Cough* Ok. Well, obviously it is a horse... But take a look and see if you can find any distinguishing details that give you a clue as to what else is happening, If anything at all.
Who ever can give the most correct answer for each of my days, When I get to the reviling of that day, I will link the person/person's Blog to my post to give them credit!
So, If you can tell me what Day Seven Actually is, you will be linked from my blog and given the wonderful prize of being correct, or very good at guessing!
Try not to be "Captain Obvious." Try and come up with something!


And good luck guessing!


Zombie said...

Very nice looking rose!

D4 said...

o-o I almost feel compelled to go back and re-do every day.

Almost, but not quite. Tooooo much work.

Melanie said...

so pretty!

Dave said...

Now thats a photo lol.