Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day One Hundred Seven

June 5th 2011

Day Eight

Day Eight is a black, metal hook like end of a pole. It was the poll that we hung the curtain on, I don't know if those have a real name... Anyway this is the end part on the poll. I was thinking of ways that I might be able to take interesting pictures and use the shadows, and so I was playing around.
The person who was closest to being correct was Zak, but my favorite answer that I saw was submitted my...
Dj DeKu!
It was very creative and fun to think about. So, Dj DeKu is the winner!


D4 said...

such pube like cob webs up in thur D=

And I love playing with shadows.

Also, hope things go smoothly for you with the advice and such! :)

Oh and also again, you should show the amusing comments, or at least direct link to them.

Melanie said...

Picture number 1 looks like a light at a gas station right after a zombie apocalypse while the power grid was still active. that or the biggest f-ing spider in the world lives on its roof. and for picture number 2 - finial? i think that is what they are called.

Dave said...

Oh nooo not spider webs. Make me shiver lol.