Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day One Hundred Six

June 4th 2011

Day Seven

Day Seven is probably one of my favorite that I have posted. And I really like the ideas that all of my followers came up with. So, you all want to know what it is?
It started out as a Root beer float from a KFC, and what happened is we wanted to drink it fast and re-fill it up before we left. So, we re-filled it with orange soda and vial-la! A disgusting, bubbly mix of Root Beer float and orange soda. It wasn't very good.
Anyway, I took the picture from inside the cup.
Also, D4 is correct, If there is not clear winner then I should not declare a winner. It doesn't make sense really. So, to days winner must be...


Melanie said...

Ewwww....I can imagine that was not a good taste to have subjected yourself to!

D4 said...

Firstly, the first picture looks like in cartoons when there's a dark cloud on top of a small portion of land where there's evil? That.

And I want an orange soda float now, I'm sure it's tasty. Just... Without rootbeer.