Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day One Hundred Nine

June 7th 2011

Day Ten

Day Ten is a photo of a big pile of rocks and ruble in an Atlas Disposal dumpster that had been sitting in that spot since the first day I moved near by. It just sat there, and I think it may still be there, for more than a year now. Atlas must be one lazy company if it is there. If you look at it close up, the container actually has big rip like holes in the metal too.
In the comments, I have to say that metaphysicalfarms has to be the closest to the best answer if you ask me. Those rocks must be so old. metaphysicalfarms Wins Day Ten!


D4 said...

The rays of sunshine look like how my eyelashes look when I squint. Like, through my point of view. Thing.

Dave said...

I love the top pic a lot. Nice the way the shards of light intertwine.