Friday, June 3, 2011

Day One Hundred Four

June 2nd 2011

(Another late post)

 Day Five is a photo of some birdcages and behind those, two speed limit signs. Taken at a Farmers Market, behind all of these birdcages is a a guy who sells animals. Mostly birds..and some mice and hamsters I think. The winner of Day Five is...
Classic George! I also really liked what -M had to say about Day Five, but I had to go with George because they pointed out something that I don't even think I noticed about the picture. I didn't notice the added "1" onto the 30 Speed Limit Sign. And I do not know anywhere that the speed limit is 130.


D4 said...


130 is fast. It's the speed limit... FROM THE FUTU-- gets old.

Melanie said...

Channeling my geekiness, but it looks like something that came off an early Cylon.