Monday, June 6, 2011

Day One Hundred Eight

June 6th 2011

Day Nine

Day Nine (The Day, <-- Is a link to the actual post of that day. You can go there to view the comments)
Day Nine's photo is a kind of neat one I think. It looks a bit strange, it really it isn't. It is a very melted candle on top of its candle holder. I am not even sure how the candle melted that way. But I took the photo in the dark and with the flash.
My favorite comment on Day Nine was Zak's. Very nice idea there, Zak. Zak doesn't have a blogger. Adventure Person did guess the picture right though! Adventure person Wins Day Nine!


D4 said...

I like the braided with metal look.

Also: "Oh.. heh :D" when I saw the clickable day link thing. xD

Zombie said...

Keep weaving those leafs! Pretty soon you will have a full leaf weave!

Dave said...

I would love to be sitting there enjoying the sun and reading a good book.

Melanie said...

Are those old fall decorations, or new fall decoration and an old picture? Looks like corn stalk leaves =)