Friday, June 3, 2011

Day One Hundred Five

June 3rd 2011

Thanks for your patience everyone, I have been posting late the past few days. like I mentioned before, I am a bit busy and May have new topics that require attention outside of my blogging. But I am and will do my best to keep everything together and I am here you you all!
Thanks for the support and the following, I appreciate it all.
(For those who are curious as to what has been going on with myself, I just recently Graduated high school and have to find my "calling" sort of. Get a job and help out where I am more.)

Day Six

Day Six is a photo of some birds on top of a blank sign, They were cooing and trying to hide form me I think. They shocked me at first because they sounded so strange and then I went to take a shot of them and they decided to fly back and forth from one sign to another. Eventually I got this photo and gave up on trying to photograph them. In Day Six comments, so many of you said nice things about my photo.
To SUN, At the time I took that photo I think I was using a Cannon 12.5 mega pixels. I recently got a new camera, and this new camera is a Nikon 12 Mega pixels. If you want to know more about my camera, let me know. I will be happy to tell you more.
The Polish Prince asked about my photos also. So answer your question, Yes. All of these photos are taken by myself and no one else.
And A thank you to everyone else who said nice things.
I can't really say that there is a winner today, so Everyone is a winner!
Dj KeDu,  Melanie (I can not link to),  Christophe,  and Classic George. Thank you!


D4 said...

It looks like a holy oven.

Don't worry about the posting late, and good luck on finding your calling! It took me a year with no pressure and chilling to come up with mine, and I'm still not sure.

Dave said...

Thats Pigeons for you, unreliable to a fault lol. I quite fancy the Nikon D90. Ive seen the picture quality and its really impressive.

Melanie said...

You just keep on keeping on...I'll be here!!