Friday, June 10, 2011

Day One Hundred Twelve

June 10th 2011

Day Thirteen

Day Thirteen A black and white photo taken of, yes, some candle holders. metaphysicalfarms asked if they were from Target, and I honestly would not know, but I would not doubt it. I know that the wall reflects quite a bit of light, but hey, maybe that is what I was going for! You don't know that I didn't achieve my goal, and I don't know either if that is what I was going for or not. Anyway. To declare a winner... I think I would go with Christophe because I appreciate the attempt at some sort of story for the photo.
Christophe is Day Thirteen's Winner!


D4 said...

Funky sex toy. >.>...

It's kind of a sad story now init

Mikemage said...

LOLOL sex toy candle holder XD +followed,